I have a confession that I am sure will surprise no one…I am obsessed with teepees. The ones from Joyjoie in particular make my heart sing! I can just imagine all the amazing adventures my little one and I can go on without leaving our living room. And can it get any better than late nights huddled inside reading books with the help of a flashlight? I think not.


Lettuce Turnip The Beet


This shirt has been floating around the baby internet (shush, it’s a real thing!) for quite some time. When I saw a friend’s child wearing it in a photo I accosted her inbox until she revealed that she had gotten it from an amazing store on Etsy, Coup. This is by far one of their best selling products, so you might have to exercise a bit of patience while you wait for it to ship. But it is worth the wait! The quality is impeccable and your child is sure to look très chic!

Mimijumi Bottle


I have to be honest, when it came time to selecting a bottle for my little one, I didn’t really do that much research (I am a terrible mother, I know). I had seen these Mimijumi bottles around, and I thought they were really neat looking, so I basically just researched to make sure they had no obvious flaws. And so far I have not regretted my choice! They are easy to use, and easy to clean, and they seem to easily fit into a baby’s tiny hands. My one wish? That the lid was a screw on, because we’ve constantly been losing ours. Overall though they have served us well!

Pro tip: In the early days my husband and I were constantly harassing each other about when bottles were made, and how long they had before we needed to toss their contents. A friend recently suggested using washi tape to put all that information on the bottle. Brilliant!

The Little Green Pouch

4_pouches_6_grandeWhile this Little Green Pouch might not fall into the category of adorable, it does meet my criteria for pretty darn handy! Food pouches have become the new trend in baby feeding, and this gives you the option of creating your own food, and having it with you on the go. And let’s face it, when you’re a busy mom, anything that makes your job a little bit easier is an automatic win!

Not A Box


Very few people can accuse me of being overly sentimental. Books like “Love You Forever”  just aren’t my style. That’s why, months before I got pregnant, when I stumbled upon Not A Box I knew I had to have it! It’s pretty simply written, but that’s what I love most about it. Each page encourages me to make up a whole story, and depending on the day I can decide if the stories are goofy, adventurous  thoughtful, or a little bit of all three. Since my purchase I have also discovered the author’s other work, Not A Stick, and promptly added it to our collection!

Nursery Art

il_fullxfull.163180385Decorating the nursery is one of the most exciting parts of having a new baby! And these adorable prints from trafalgarssquare make the job that much easier. Whether you’re creating a themed nursery, or sticking to something more neutral, I can almost guarantee one of these prints will find their way into your baby’s new room.  And really, could you ask for anything cuter?

Brass Knuckle Teething Toy

il_fullxfull.241656371When I first came across this teething toy on the Babies Rawk store, I couldn’t decide if it was ridiculously cute or horribly inappropriate. I went with ridiculously cute because I was dying to get something for Max’s 6-month birthday (yes, in my mind, up until the first year, every month counts as a birthday). And not to worry, it will get through customs, because according to the legal code in Canada “real” brass knuckles have to contain metal (hey, a mom has to do her research!)